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Pet Care FAQ

Why should I get my pet professionally groomed?

Grooming, hygiene and general pet care are important for your pet just as it is for you. Regular grooming promotes healthier skin and coat for your pet which leads to greater well being - free from discomfort.

Professional groomer's have access to the best products and equipment which keeps your pet's coat and skin in good condition and smelling great for longer.

A professional groomer is familiar with a dog's anatomy and is often the first person to identify any abnormalities such as skin irritations, bumps, lumps and lesions on your pet which may lead to early detection of illnesses which may have otherwise gone undetected.

How often should I groom my Dog?

Your dog's grooming schedule is individual to them. Factors including the length of their coat, the style of cut you are after, the weather, how active they are and also how much they smell along with your personal preference all determine how frequently your pet should be groomed.

Generally speaking, dogs that shed frequently should be groomed more regularly (monthly) to prevent a build up of hair - and mess in your house! For those breeds that have a longer coat, we suggest to book an appointment for a wash/tidy up every 3 weeks and a full groom every 6 weeks.

We encourage owners to brush their dogs on a regular basis in between grooming appointments to prevent knotting.

How long will it take for you to groom my dog? 

This varies greatly depending on a number of factors including:

What service you require;

The type of coat your dog has;

The condition of your dog's coat;

The temperament of your dog; and

If your dog has any special care needs.

What payment methods do you have?

EFTPOS and Cash payments are available.

Do you have Gift Certificates available?

Yes! Gift certificates are available for amounts nominated by you. Please call 0411889071 for further information.

If you have any other questions regarding what we do, or if you would like advice as to which treatment your pet requires, please contact Sarah on 0411 889 071 or alternatively email [email protected]